RS-3000 Series

Versatile Liquid Leak Sensor

The RS-3000 Series has excellent performance for both small and large volumes of liquid leakage, and can be used for low viscosity liquids. Includes a built-in failsafe system and self-diagnositc alert. Can be used with a Control Unit or as a standalone sensor.

Specification Charts:
Product Operation Manuals:

RS-3000 Control Unit

RS-3000 Series Control Unit Specification
Input Voltage 24 VDC ± 10%
Power Consumption 200mA below
Number of Input 1 to 8 detection units max
Indication of LED Independent display for each Input (LED 8ea ×Green or Red either color) Normal status: Greed, Leakage or Wrong Position Alarm: Red
Output Relay contact × 1ea Normal status: Closed Leakage or Wrong Position Alarm: Open Power Failure: Open
Output Capacity 24 VDC,1A (resistance load)
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60 deg C (14 to 140 deg F)
Case Material ABS polymer
Weight Approx. 100g
Wiring Connection Input: Connector × 8ea (insert - locked) Power/Output: Connector × 1ea (insert - locked)
Installation Snap-on DIN Rail, or screwed on the base plate.
Detection Unit RS-3000FA, RS-3000FAP

RS-3000 Detection Unit

Quick Detection for variety of liquid. (NPN OUTPUT)

  • Quick Detection for variety of liquid, even low viscosity without absorbent paper.
  • By the featured double sensing devices, incorrect position of the sensor is alarmed.
  • Body fabricated by PFA, which allows use with most liquids and chemicals, and suitable for use in varied applications, particularly chemical blend and dispenser.

After leak detection, simple wipe the detection surface. Easier process than with detection tape or a liquid absorbing model.

  • Body and cable are protected by PFA.
  • Suitable for export equipment, CE marking, UL certified.
  • RS-3000C unit has DIN rail installation feature without auxiliary parts.
  • Easily viewable green LED signifies normal operations when red LED turns on, Liquid is detected and output is shut off.
RS-3000 Series Detection Unit Specification
RS-3000FA RS-3000FAP
Input Voltage 12 to 24 VDC (±10%)
Power Consumption 20mA below
Indication of LED Normal Status : Green Leakage Alarm :Red Wrong position Alarm: Red
Output NPN transistor open collector, 50mA max, Normal: ON
Ambient Temperature -10 to 60 deg C (14 to 140 deg F)
Material Case PFA
Cable FEP
LED Lamp Epoxy (Embedded in the case)
Waterproofing Sealed, Equivalent IP67(IEC)
Weight Approx. 40g
Absorbent Paper Required Not Required
Selectable Bracket P/N-6440 : PVC P/N-6430 : PVC P/N-6716 : Stainless Steel

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