Piping Parts


Suitable for all applications from semiconductors to general industry. Ideal for supplying large flow rates of liquefied gases and specialty gaseous materials. Also available for corrosive gas and low vapor pressure gas. A variety of integrated types, installation standards, and high pressure gas certified products are also available.

Diaphragm Valve

Suitable for all applications from semiconductors to general industry. Complete range of products for high pressure applications, large flow rates (3/4″), high temperature types, etc. Since there is no spring in the gas contact part and the driving part is also isolated by a diaphragm, dead space in small flow path.Suppress particle formation.

Check Valve

Can operate with low cracking pressure. The springless structure suppresses particle formation due to vibration and chattering, and pressure fluctuations on the downstream side.

Vaccuum Generator

Two types: vacuum generator and module. This type of module has a unique compact design that integrates a vacuum generator + valve + check valve, and the valve can be selected from manual valve and automatic valve. Recently available low flow type which reduces N2 consumption.

Flow Switch

Flow switch that operates when the set flow rate is exceeded. We have a range from small flow rate to large flow rate like BSGS supply.
For large flow rates, the installation direction can be selected (horizontal, vertical). When the flow rate is over, the internal float inside the magnet operates and generates a signal.

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