Liquid Leak Sensor

Liquid Leak Sensor

This sensor is versatile and cost effective. Optical detection allows virtually all liquids to be detected quickly. No adjustments are required, minimizing the risk of error.

Failsafe Design Liquid Leak Sensor

The RS-2000 Series has all of the properties of the RS-1000 Series PLUS advanced failsafe performance with self-diagnostic for alerts of electrical failure, wiring errors and short circuits.

Versatile Liquid Leak Sensor

The RS-3000 Series has excellent performance for both small and large volumes of liquid leakage, and can be used for low viscosity liquids. Includes a built-in failsafe system and self-diagnositc alert. Can be used with a Control Unit or as a standalone sensor.

Buzzer Alarm Liquid Leak Sensor

The Buzzer Alarm Series provides quick leak detection with an audible alarm system. For use with corrosive liquids. Atmosphere resistant and completely waterproof.

Liquid Level Sensor

The TK Series is an affordable photoelectric liquid level detection solution. It can be used with a variety of fluids and slurry solutions; is contamination free and easy to use.


当社の液種判別センサは、検知した液種及び濃度によって数値が変動するため、今まで見た目で判断できない 液体や水が常時あるような環境下でも判別が可能となります。


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