Gas Monitoring System

We will establish a gas monitoring system to monitor and manage a safe and stable gas supply. In addition to a comprehensive gas monitoring system for gas, we also have individual monitoring systems such as gas supply device monitoring, gas leak monitoring, exhaust gas monitoring, gas center monitoring and equipment monitoring.

Monitoring and control software

Remote control and management of plant information with WEB browser!
You can easily realize what customers want from a monitoring and control system, such as excellent monitoring and control functions, information sharing within the company, and seamless integration between the factory floor and higher-level business systems such as ERP and MES.

System control software

System control software ToPS9 is a system controller that runs on Windows, PCs, and performs process control including semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It has formula generation function, operation function, monitor function, and history function required for process control.

Gas detector

Devices that monitor the leakage of flammable and toxic gases. From the gas producer’s point of view, we will consider installation work and I / L proposals, and others.

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